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Professional website monitoring tools

KeepNI push uptime to the limit
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Website monitoring can't be easier!

KeepNI provide a professional website monitoring tools with simple intuitive interface. You get server monitoring as well as application monitoring. You can monitor a wide rage of protocol with few simple steps. KeepNI is working in the background as an "NT Service" and doesn't need a dedicated computer. KeepNI's alert policy will make sure you get quick alert when your server is down or out of bounds and get no false alarm. KeepNI will alert you in multiple ways to ensure you get the message ASAP.


Multiple protocol monitoring
Simple alert methods
Comprehensive reports
e-Commerce support
Broken links checker
website monitoring tools

KeepNI Monitor tools
KeepNI monitor a wide range of network devices and services.
It provides an essential information about your site from many aspects.
You will find this information a valuable tool for keeping a high level of service.
Find out about the wide range of services, and ways KeepNI can monitor on your website

KeepNI Alerts
Whenever site malfunction is detected, you will be the first to know. KeepNI will send you an alert message. KeepNI provides a flexible and powerful notification features, you can select the best suite to your needs.
KeepNI offer a variety of alerts, find the one that best fits your needs

KeepNI Reports
While monitoring your web site, KeepNI collects essential information about the services response time. KeepNI's report tool processes this information to form a simple, clear view of the website performance.
Gain an insight to your website response profile in one mouse click.

KeepNI Tools
Free your web site from broken links with KeepNI. With KeepNI's revolutionary dual view technology, you will slash the time needed to fix the broken links. KeepNI's Tools offers you an easy road to "broken links free" website and other valuable tools that any web owner needs.
Learn how KeepNI's tools can help you improve your website and save your time

Walk on the safe side, download KeepNI free evaluation software now

Obligation to expand functionality:
KeepNI was built with a deep understanding of the web site monitoring field and with a wide perspective of the ever changing internet environment. Therefore, KeepNI design was based on a plugins concept to allow easy integration of new components and functionality extensions for current features. Our updates section is constantly updated with new checks and alerts that are available for free.

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KeepNI's Hot Features:


Fast broken links scanner with dual view technology.


Filters minor and sporadic faults to avoid false alert.

KeepNI's Screenshot:

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KeepNI screen shot

A pinpoint location of faulty devices.


Fine selection of monitored services such as: Ping, HTTP, POP, SMTP, FTP.


Variety of alert options (email, fax, phone, SMS, visual, audio, HTTP).


Performance viewer displays information, statistics, charts and graphs, gives you a perfect view of the events.


Plugins architecture which allows a quick and easy use of new downloadable program features(e.g alerts, service monitors).


Simple and easy to use system tray icon for maximized convenience.


Low system resource consumption.

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