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KeepNI - Advanced monitoring software and broken links elimination tool.

KeepNI checks the vital services of the web site at a given interval. The check interval, set by the user, starts from 30 seconds and can be increased to feet uses need. Every check has it's timeout setting, a check duration bigger then the timeout considered as a fault. When a fault is detected, one or more alert can be initiated to inform the operator or computerized systems about the fault.
In order to maintain a hight level of credibility KeepNI is equipped with a set of mechanisms to prevent false alarm situation.

KeepNI Monitors

KeepNI checks that monitored services are available, responsive and reliable.

KeepNI monitors the following services:
  • PING - Sends an echo command to the target host/device, helping you to verify IP Level Connectivity, useful for hosts as well as for devices like routers and firewalls.
  • HTTP - Request a web page of your selection making sure any user can enter the web site. The HTTP monitor checks the existence of a keyword for the validation of the page.
  • DNS - This feature make sure that the DNS server is working properly by querying it. By doing so it is possible to know the Domain Name System server's status at a certain time point.
  • POP - checks the incoming mail services, simulate the operation of an email client to check an incoming mail messages, it logon to a given account name using the username and password provided by the user.
  • SMTP - Used to test the outgoing mail services most mail servers today use this protocol to deliver email messages. The SMTP monitor connect to the SMTP server and conduct a sequence of handshake signals to ensure a proper operation of the server.
  • FTP - The File Transfer Protocol check logons the server using the provided username and password. a successful login ensure the FTP server is available and responsive.
  • POP/SMTP Transaction - This check will actually send an Email to itself through the SMTP server and checks whether the mail has arrived or not at the POP server. This check allows you to see if these services work properly and helps you learn more information about your Email server response time. [Available for Professional Version Only]
  • HTTP/HTTPS Transaction - A very useful option for E-Commerce web site owners. This feature tests all kinds of forms and web application (CGI etc.) on your server and making sure the transaction application is in working order. Using this check enables you to login an account and perform various actions such as buying operations or database requests. This kind of check is also known as "business transactions" check. It monitors web based applications such as shopping carts, account verifications, sign-up forms and etc. [Available for Professional Version Only]

    KeepNI Alerts

    Whenever malfunction is detected in one of the servers/services an alert is created to inform the operators or the relevant computer software. The following alert methods supported by KeepNI:

  • Send a text message(SMS) to your cellular phone.
  • Send an ICQ message.
  • Send a fax with a full report of the faulty device.
  • Send an email with a full report of the faulty device.
  • Call you by phone play a recorded message.
  • Pop a visual message on the screen with details of the problem.
  • Play a prerecorded sound message.
  • Run a program providing it a text file with description of the fault.
  • Call HTTP web server, for integration with foreign computer systems.

  • KeepNI Reports

    The Reporting tool is a valuable tool which allows deeper understanding of the site performance dynamics. KeepNI reporting tool provide a simple method to empathize the ongoing process that take place in your web site. KeepNI reporting tool displays data as Charts or as a row data. Row data tools are provided to focus and analyze the information In a professional method. Variant charts available for visual quick view of the information.

  • Performance charts display the response time on daily or hourly basis. A short look at the chart makes it easy to see the heavily loaded hours and identify marginal response periods of time.

  • Fault distribution charts display the fault per day or fault per hour. with a short look you can see the hours or days the site didn't properly function. You can use this information to improve the service you get from your provider and ensure better efficiency to your web site.

  • Raw data provide detailed information of each and every test. To get to the bottom of things you will need the raw data, and in order to make your raw data accessible we provide you filters to filter out fault results, regular test results, or special records. More over you can implement date range limitation to reduce data to the relevant only.


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